Want to enter China market?

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Want to enter China market?
21 Jul 2016
China is a developing country that we cannot oversight the Chinese potential purchasing power. One example is the Chinese Dama went to abroad to buy gold, the situation of this act is amazing!

Whilst the globalization as well as the advancing Internet technology, most of the Chinese opt to shop online, which is easier and more convenient. According to statistics, online shopping in China last year was 2.76 trillion USD. What a giant and attracting market!

Are you a overseas eCommerce merchant? Do you want to take up one piece of China market, Pilibaba may give you a lift.

Pilibaba is one of the commerce solution suppliers invited to China-UK Cross Border E-commerce Cooperation Roundtable,which has installed with Open-cart,X-Cart and demandware,a platform combines localized payment, international shipment, marketing campaign and after-sale service.With Pilibaba one stop e-commerce solution, selling merchandises and promoting oversea sites to the great Chinese audiences will be simple and easy.
Any way, it's a win-win situation for both of us. Why not give yourself a chance since our fee charged is indeed cheaper than others like Alipay.
For more information, just email me:monica.meng@pilibaba.com

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