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Infopia's New Product - Keep up the Good Work!
24 Aug 2008
I am looking forward to loading my inventory into the new Infopia product. They have done a nice job with their website and even include a Live Chat feature.
Keep it up Infopia!
Thanks again,
Paul J. Chavaux
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Re: Zoovy, Infopia, Solic Cactus
3 Jul 2009
I don't recommend Infopia. Many bugs, incorrect information, poor support. You'll end up either doing a great deal of work yourself or paying big bucks to a developer. If you do it yourself, without a tech background, good luck! Even the tech savvy people can't believe the unbelievable snags. They also get told different things by different people.

In infopia has experienced some of the greatest staff turnover. No one seems to be on the same page.

IF you use Infopia, anticipate an extremely expensive system and, heard so many complaints from other users, that contrary to what they say, nothing is an isolated event.

Very old software architecture. High up front fees. Many promises that won't be recollected, so you have to document everything. And even when you do, it's often ignored, maybe because of the staff turnover, maybe because that's how they operate. Once they have your money, then that's pretty much it unless you're a bigger business willing to fork out big bucks for tech support that will do what Infopia won't.

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