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Ecommerce Expert - FREE Consultation
26 Jul 2016
Hi there. My name is Jeffrey Short.

My partner and I started our first eCommerce business with a $50 OS Commerce theme and had no idea what we were going to sell.
We just knew that we wanted to sell something online.

In our first year, we were profitable, but we had to overcome several pitfalls that could have been avoided if we had used the right Framework to follow.

As much as we would love to help everyone that is interested in starting an eCommerce business, it's not that easy.

We want to be focused.

We have accepted many clients and have turned some away.

You're probably wondering why we would turn away business?
We do this because we want you to get the most out of our consulting.

We want it to be a good fit.

We've experienced the wasted time and money and we want you to avoid the same with your business.

A good fit allows Framework to do it's job; avoid pitfalls and manage

If you're interested in a FREE ecommerce consultation, go ahead and sign up at
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Re: Ecommerce Expert - FREE Consultation
4 Aug 2016

Sounds like a great concept! Not sure where you are located, but we recently launched a platform that help product based businesses and manufacturers distribute their products to the world.

Our platform is designed to help scale these businesses through a mentoring process that includes networking, education, and tools. Take a look at and feel free to reach out if you're interested.

ps. your site link buttons to sign up on your site are not working.
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