Can you help an old guy out . . . . ??

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Can you help an old guy out . . . . ??
26 Jul 2016
Let me first be right up front. I'm old. I know typewriters & file cabinets really well. Computers, not so much!

I am looking for a tutorial that will show me the mechanics of how to sell on Amazon. Does anyone know of such an animal? If so, I would be eternally grateful if you would share. Keep in mind old means not a lot of money. We would be happy to share some awesome bar-b-que & cold beer however!

Thanks for all y'all's help!!
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Re: Can you help an old guy out . . . . ??
27 Jul 2016
@opticstogo : I Know enough to get by on the computer. Know even less how to sell on Amazon. In need of the same some to coach me how to sell products that I don't have plus do it on Amazon. The best of luck with that someone to help you with you needs.
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Re: Can you help an old guy out . . . . ??
28 Jul 2016
Folks, Amazon and eBay have lots of help pages to help you learn to use their platforms. Becoming experts on their platforms takes a lot more effort. To be honest, anyone that is successful on these platforms is not going to have the time to walk you all through the mechanics of selling on these platforms. I recommend you do what many of us have done - read and research. First, buy some books on online selling. I really like the "For Dummies" books but there are lots of options out there. Second, start small. Be content with a small number of items and small sales. There is no need to rush. This isn't the California Gold Rush. Those days are long gone. Learn how to do it including shipping, handling customer inquiries, sourcing, etc. It takes time.

Final word, do not let your perceived lack of computer knowledge keep you from pursuing this. The fact that you found and posted on this forum tells me your computer knowledge is good enough to start. Having advanced technology skills may be of some benefit to lower costs or gain other advantages but you can always hire these skills (or their software). Use the talents you have and pay for the talents you don't. Also, if it all possible, never spend time doing something if you have software that will make it quicker or easier. I often see people trying to save money on shipping by not using the shipping solutions out there to save $30 a month not looking at spending an extra 10 hours a week shipping. Good luck!
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Re: Can you help an old guy out . . . . ??
28 Jul 2016

As Jax Music Supply has said, there is a wealth of information out there for those looking to start selling on Amazon. The Amazon forum is a good place, but there are many that post there that 'like the sound of their own voice'.

As you already sell / have sold on eBay you are used to dealing with order dispatch, messages etc , but you will find Amazon to be a different animal. Fall foul of their metrics (messages replied to within 24 hours 7 days a week, prompt dispatch and delivery etc) and they will suspend you quicker than anything you have experienced. Initial set up and verification can be a pain as well unless you have all the required documents available. However, based on our sales in Europe, Amazon is a better / more pleasant place to sell than eBay.

If you have your own unique products that are not already on Amazon, then good keywords / title / SEO works well and register your brand, if you have one, with Amazon Brand Registry. If you are selling products already available then price is ultimately king, especially for a new seller.

I would consider starting with as many products as you have time to list (unlike eBay no listing fee) but make sure you can cope with a surge in orders if successful. Think about using repricing software to increase profitability / sales, and look into using FBA.

Most importantly, make sure the items you want to sell are the items that people want to buy.

If you need any further help, post on this forum or send me a PM. I am no expert (no letters after my name or white papers published) but would be glad to try and help.

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