Potential but too many glitches and poor management

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Potential but too many glitches and poor management
30 Jul 2016
What was good about this product or service overall?
The system that deals with ebay specifically is pretty good, when it works...however it has many glitches and when it does not work, it is a big problem. Also the way it is advertised, is not really how the system functions. The only way to effectively manage the software is through excel and even that does not work sometimes. The support was good two years ago but now the support is almost non existent and if you have a problem after hours or on the weekend then your out of luck...

For paying over a $1000/month for the software, you would think they would deliver more. Seems like there were a good group of people originally running this company and everyone good is gone and the company is sinking.

I have been using the company for almost 3 years and been waiting for them to turn things around and correct the issues and the platform and sad to say that we have now moved on to migrating to a new platform.

It was a huge learning curve to start with the system and learn all the glitches and workarounds of the system as well as just the data configuration of the system so leaving is not a decision we took lightly, but unfortunately we are leaving the company.
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Re: Potential but too many glitches and poor management
7 Sep 2016
What system did you switch to?
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