What is holding you back ?

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What is holding you back ?
3 Aug 2016
World domination, when it comes to selling your products, is only a few mouse clicks away. Or is it ?

There are several hundreds, if not thousands, of marketplaces available for sellers to sell their goods worldwide, but many sellers do not venture further than the apparently safe havens of Amazon and eBay.

What is it that holds you back from listing on other channels ?

Is it the fact that you will be dealing in a foreign language ? A lack of resources to get your products listed ? Or is your multi channel software not quite so multi channel ?

Your thoughts please.
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Re: What is holding you back ?
14 Aug 2016

I've sold on many marketplaces available from the US. Volume is the really big hold back. It is really sad because of the amount of work involved in launching on a marketplace. I currently sell on eBay, Amazon (US, UK, and Canada), Reverb (niche specific), Newegg, as well as my own site. I get very little from New Egg to the point that I rarely put any new stuff there anymore. I will probably revisit in the next month or so just to list as much as possible for Christmas. We also have been invited to participate with Walmart but ran in to some issues with their product load but have not heard back from them. Some sites we have launched with and then dropped - Pricefalls, Buy.com, Bonanza, 11Main, eCRATER, and some others that I have forgotten the name of. At this point, unless it is an established entity or they are willing to provide the labor to launch, I will not add any more marketplaces. I cannot afford to spend the time launching for little business.

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