No longer a viable option for established business's

A review of ekmPowershop by former EKM shop owner
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No longer a viable option for established business's
4 Aug 2016
Used to be great, but then greed happened. The new pricing structure which is being introduced in October 2016 sets the monthly charge you will pay against the annual turnover of your shop. We currently pay £29.99 per month which in October is going up to £149.99 per month!!! They are offering extra services in this price - a monthly review, quicker support, a dedicated account manager etc, but with an established business you do not need these - how do they think we became established and got our turnover to what it is without them? answer : they are of no use. To start up business's, they may want the extra help but they do not turn over enough to qualify for them - all seems a little backwards doesn't it! When we explained to EKM we do not require these extra services the answer was simple - that's our new pricing and if you do not want to pay it you are not tied into a contract so can leave us before October and you will not get charged.
Is this the attitude of a caring company or one that is trying to profit from others success, make you own mind up. We are now looking for a new supplier.
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