Doing everything they can to go out of business

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Doing everything they can to go out of business
8 Aug 2016
We selected Solid Commerce in 2014 as an inventory management tool to sync our inventory located in Amazon FBA warehouses and our local inventory with our magento website ( as well as eBay and any other marketplaces we chose in the future. We only list items that we know we have in stock and most orders are forwarded to Amazon FBA for fulfillment. The initial cost was a $1300 setup fee then $130/mo thereafter. Adding another marketplace like Rakuten was another couple hundred setup fee.
I never liked their heavy reliance on an Excel add-in. It is a cheap out to actually developing proper functionality. They also necessitated several Attributes in magento to actually link to a sku which could only be uploaded by the excel add-in. Why could they not connect with just the sku like everyone else baffles me. The excel Add-in is a COM Add-in which can and DID cause a memory leak when other COM Add ins are used. I told them if they were going to continue using the Excel tool, they should change to an Excel Add-in to avoid the memory leak. It's still a COM Add in.
In early December 2015, they forced me to look for another option since they lost the connection to our magento site and ignored my requests to get it back online. The response from repeated requests to fix it were "it's been sent to our development team." By the time I replaced the system several months later, they had still not Reconnected to magento.
This was a common response through the prior 2 years for any little thing like mapping shipping methods. I quickly realized that the infrastructure of this system was poorly designed since everything was hard-coded in. All requests were going to the dev team. Communication was terrible and response times were infinitely long.
The two replacements on my short list were Ordoro and Teapplix. I initially liked the look-and-feel of Ordoro better so I tested it first. Setting it up was a breeze though after a couple weeks, I discovered a few functions lacking from our requirements.
Teapplix is very utilitarian in it's UI, and therefore not exactly pretty. However, it was just as easy and quick to set up and has worked solidly for the last several months for us. Furthermore, I can always get someone on the phone and any issue is very quickly resolved.
It seems that each time I switch any system, I save money and get better functionality, performance and support. This was no exception. Teapplix had no setup fee and only costs me $35/mo. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Do not use Solid Commerce. There are so many better options out there. It's obviously poorly designed infrastructure, with a poorly designed and outdated user interface, solid functionality until it stops working, and zero support or constant escalations to the dev team.
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