Great when it works.

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Great when it works.
12 Aug 2016
What was good about this product or service overall?
When the syncs run, it does save time and help the flow. It is able to sync most of the information I need over.

What could have been better?
Customer service.

How was the support?
If you have an issue don't expect it to get resolved quickly or for that matter to even hear from them. I sync from Shopify POS to QBO giving me "1 inventory" for my brick and mortar and online store. My brick and mortar "sales" (orders) have not been syncing since July 1,2016. (Today is August 11,2016). Quickbooks is my master inventory and because my sales are not syncing it is changing the quantity back to what it was before the sale in shopify. This is a HUGE problem. I have people trying to buy things that we don't physically have and trying to place re-orders is challenging. It will say I have 7 of an item where in reality I have zero. Pipemonk has not treated this at all urgently and their response time has been little to none.

Pipemonk is great when it works.
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