The truth about Volo .... Review of Software (EsellerPro)

A review of Volo by arnolg
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The truth about Volo .... Review of Software (EsellerPro)
16 Aug 2016
Let me start by saying that non of these systems are perfect and we all should get used to that, it's just a case of finding a system that has the least number of problems that will affect your business and the way you run it.

In the last 15 years online we have used a few of these marketplace systems, some good, some bad, some average, it's safe to say we are experienced in ecommerce, however we really hit a new low with Volo. Suffering from a few constant niggles with our previous system we decided to take the plunge and move our business to a new level and opted for the "market leading" solution (their words .. haha). We were to find out this was the biggest and most expensive mistake in our history, we did move to a new level, lower .. a lot lower by the end of the nightmare.

Volo: "Our approach to working with you works like this, listen, learn, challenge, advise."
Perhaps should be re-written to: Listen, take, compensate, ignore,

The Volo experience:

Faceless corporate feel - if you have a problem you can always speak to the "Head of the Customer Success"
Onboarding setting up nonsense that is spun out for weeks to justify the ridiculous development set up fees.
You will likely be locked into a contract for at least a year.
Endless long winded training courses to learn the most basic processes
Probably the least intuitive system you could ever imagine.
Some data fields are name differently in different locations - added confusion (but you can log into the definitions section in support for the key!)
A system that we found to be generally unreliable
Magento extension was very limited at best - appeared to be launched before it was tested properly
Very limited purchase ordering system
The re-pricer failed and helped us sell at postage plus margin, substantial losses
Huge bills linked to a % your turnover - you work harder, they do the same, they get more.
Features that do not work / or as expected and do not get fixed in a timely manner
An elusive account manager - if available you may speak to every quarter, definitely not a selling point
Support tickets left unsolved after 6 months, yes really.
You get to know support very well, you have to ! - expect to write or respond to a ticket every day or so.
You will waste a good part of your week on calls to support
Almost all support tickets are "escalated" - must be to give them more time, plus it does look like they've done something
Tickets are closed without being fully resolved, regularly.
System runs on out-dated version of Java
There are some redundant functions
No web based version
The whole design of the interface looks like it is from the 80's
If you give notice on your term - your support ends that very day.
You'll have such a struggle with this system you'll take your eye off your business and the bottom line will suffer.

On the plus side:
When the system fails, they may pay you compensation for your losses, three times for us ..

Make sure you read the terms of the agreement if you are still silly enough to be taken in by the sign up

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Re: The truth about Volo .... Review of Software (EsellerPro
21 Sep 2016
Exactly my experience.. We had the product for 4 years.. So we gave them a good shot - it was always going to get better when X Y or Z was done... They were terrible..

eSeller pro now Volo (why change your brand guys - was it that the eSellerPro reputation was so poor it was better to start from zero with no brand collateral) took a percentage of GROSS sales - that simply was no where near anything that gave value for money. If you take the 1.5% of gross sales and place it as a ratio of your actual profit , for us was something like 27%. This is the real percentage of the take!!!

Moved from esellaPro - volo the to Linnworks - what a breath of fresh air. Not only was the support way way way better, the software was 10X better.
Oh and we were paying no kidding 10x less for a technically, functionally better product and support.. No contract.. no crap about it'll be working soon.. Months and months we waited to get a Magento website integration.. And when it was delivered what a load of pain..

The things we could do with Linnworks made eseller - volo look cheap, primitive and hard work.

We lost money and time using this product. Volo were terrible to deal with and the software was a poorly designed, built and implemented. The data structures behind eselerpro are a giggle(no not a giggle a mess) .. They would not give access to the data unless you extracted it via silly exports.

We ported to Linnworks with 2-3000 orders per week, 67000 skus over 10~ market places.

Volo took me to court for not paying the last three months invoices. I showed them many many open tickets that were ignored, showed them how our website was not connected to their platform - I bought their software because it was supposed to be integrated!!

So a big long fight - for a very expensive pile of poo!

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