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Shippo Rocks!
18 Aug 2016
What was good about this product or service overall? First of all, for small home businesses, Shippo makes it possible to be a mail order company without any hassle at all. Plus, any discounts help and it is wonderful that besides being super fast and easy, it is also economical!

What could have been better? Ship should make it a policy to emphasize that their company is "Green". Besides being fast, simple and easy, Shippo leaves a small carbon footprint and is really great for the environment. Without Shippo I would drive a half an hour, 30 miles, to the nearest post office (and then who wants to wait in line?). I love that I can just drop the boxes or packets off at my mailbox at my convenience.

How was the support? I am very enthusiastic about this topic because I have a very low threshold for frustration when dealing with any kind of technology. I am always super happy to talk to a human or get an email from a human.

Recently, my credit card got hacked and the bank called me to tell me and that they were cancelling the card, to tear up my card and they would send me a new one, within two weeks. That happened to be the day that I heard from Shippo that my invoice did not go through...

I want to acknowledge Amanda because I have heard from her before during my short interactions with Shippo. She is definitely human and is very positive, which made me love Shippo even more!

The happy ending is that instead of waiting two weeks to get my new card, I got in in two business days. So technology isn't terrible after all!
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