Need advice on search software

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Need advice on search software
16 Mar 2007
I like to buy clothes on eBay. I was wondering if there was some kind of software that would help me search faster. It's really annoying have to navigate through all the ebay pages. I would like to enter some search parameters, such as pricing and keywords, and get a single result.
These are the features I want:
- Return all the search results in a single page (with large images of the products) - no multiple paging (this is because I hate having to click on each item just to see the large image)
- Able to track my watch items and searches
- Display a brief summary type description of the product
- Send me alerts (email, pda) when auction is about to end

Is there any software that would help me with that? What's the best one?


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Re: Need advice on search software
19 Mar 2007
Prospector by moxieproxy immediately springs to mind.
There's a lite version you can try too.
I ought to add that the support for this app by the developer is the best I have ever encountered.
There's also a link here at ASR that will get you some extra perks, link
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Re: Need advice on search software
19 Mar 2007

I have a desktop app that may help. It doesn't have all the features you ask for but will pop up on your desktop when something you are searching for either is listed or just about to end.

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Re: Need advice on search software
20 Mar 2007
Try this site - it's free , and there is nothing to download or install:

Auction Pointer

Auction Pointer digs into the lengthy descriptions of online auctions matching your search criteria, and returns a visual thumbnail of each item. You can then quickly narrow your search by comparing all the thumbnails on a single page.

Here is a link to get you started:
Search for Blue Jeans

UR Tasker
xSellco 1