Best in class by a long shot

A review of StoreFeeder by KieranJ
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Best in class by a long shot
23 Aug 2016
I am a genuine business owner using StoreFeeder to manage stock, orders, prices, shipping etc. across currently Amazon UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, COM and CA as well as eBay UK, DE, FR, IT, ES and multiple Magento stores. StoreFeeder manages over 120,000 orders per year.

The SF support team are far and above any other similar service company that we have used or read feedback on. We've always been impressed with the level of knowledge and willingness to help of everyone in the SF team.

The platform itself functions very effectively in terms of the breadth of it's capabilities and also the consistency of it's operation and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it strongly to anyone looking for a platform to manage their online accounts.
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Re: Best in class by a long shot
6 Oct 2016
Hi, read your glowing review of Store-feeder and was wondering if you don't mind me asking a few questions? We are currently looking at alternatives from our current provider, by the sound of your review you sound a similar size of business to ourselves due to the volume you mentioned so be interesting to know the following -

- Do you ever have issues with throttling with Amazon from StoreFeeder? I.E issues with Oversells, listings not being sent through, data not updating quick enough.

- Do you/Can you list to multiple Amazon ASINs on one Storefeeder SKU? For example If one item has 3 possible ASINs on Amazon UK can you list to all 3 from one Storefeeder SKU

- Hope this is not to of a personal question, please don't answer if you feel this is but what package are you on?

- Do you use their Repricer? How do you find that? Is it fairly responsive?

And lastly do you find listing to magento pretty painless? As systems I have used before don't have the best Magento connection.

Thanks for the informative review, and hopefully talk to you more.

Kind regards
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