Introduction to GB Auctions

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Introduction to GB Auctions
19 Mar 2007
Hello Everyone.

May i introduce you to
We are a site, restarted recently, and covering the UK, USA, CANADA and EUROPE. The site is Multilingual (With a built in translator) and multi currency too.

We offer SSL (We have just moved to our own dedicated server and awaiting for the new IP Address and this will be functional again)

All the usual site features expected of up to date auctions sites are offered. Including free stores and live 24/7 support.

Fees are extreemely good, as follows No listings fees, very small extras charges if required, and a FVF of just 2.5% accross the board. Most importantly there is a strict NO SALE NO FEE POLICY applicable to all listings.

We operate a very stringent user (Buyer & Seller) verification process which does include a telephone verification from Admin. Registration is quick and simple and at no time do we ask for any bank or credit card details.

Currently we have just over 1000 listings and would invite buyers and sellers to come visit the site and have a look around and hopefully join us.

Thank you

GB Auctions.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Re: Introduction to GB Auctions
27 May 2007
An update on GB Auctions.

The migration to the new server has been completed and the new features to the site have been added.

We have upgraded the SSL to premium from "GEO TRUST" added our site blog, open live chat and the 24/7 live support , improved our forum and generally improved site performance overall.

We are looking at adding a buyer and seller protection Feature which would be under-written by a large mutual trust. The value of each transaction underwritten would be up to $25000. Hopefully this will be a free feature we can provide for all users.

Our planned promotional trip to 10 Northern US states is fully organised. This will take place from 25th June until 24th July. The UK promotional tour will take place end of Sept or Early Oct this year. Both will take the format of a "Roadshow" type event during which many 10s of thousand of brochures will be distributed and hope during which we shall meet a great number of buyers and sellers. During these trips we shall also look at regional and national newspaper advertising campaigns.

May i remind all our store policy and fees structure.
No listings fees of any kind.
Very small additional features fees
Free stores throughout
A flat 2.5% accross the board FVF
and a strict "NO SALE NO FEE" policy.

Our stores policy is a strict 5 stores only per main category and only one store per seller. We realise this has its good and bad points. However we feel this will help eradicate the many saturation levels seen on the larger auction sites.

May i invite you to visit the site, and if you like what you see and our policies and method of operation, to register as a buyer or seller.


Chris owner GB Auctions ( )

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