UK VAT The noose tightens.

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UK VAT The noose tightens.
26 Aug 2016
Anybody seen this

I know that there are teams of people tracing companies sending from the UK that are registered abroad. They work off a commission of what they recover so they don't cost the revenue anything to employ.
I know 2 people that have been done.
They are the same types that used to work for bailiffs and clamping companies, relentless.

Anyone else heard similar?

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Re: UK VAT The noose tightens.
26 Aug 2016

Good. Might level the playing field for the legitimate, law abiding. tax paying sellers in the UK that are struggling against blatant cheats from 'overseas'.

I don't condone some of the tactics employed by some of these types of collection firms, but it is about time HMRC put their foot down with a firm fist and a heavy fine.
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