Selling on eBay, how to sell on Amazon?

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Selling on eBay, how to sell on Amazon?
28 Aug 2016
I have a ebay store can I sell my store items on amazon. Ebay items don't have asin. does. What do I do.

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Re: JoeLister
28 Aug 2016

Yes, I sell on both eBay and Amazon as well as other sites and my own websites. Amazon works a bit differently than eBay. On eBay, the listing is your own. On Amazon, everyone basically shares the listing if your selling the identical item. Basically, you just need the UPC (barcode) of the item in question and you can list the item individually or use Amazon's bulk listing tools and you can add your offering to the listing. I believe you can note the condition (used or new), price, etc. Amazon's shipping model is very different than eBay's so do your research before getting in too deep. Also be careful about keeping your inventory available across marketplaces. Amazon is very strict and it is easy to get suspended or even banned.
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Re: Selling on eBay, how to sell on Amazon?
30 Aug 2016

ASINS are unique to Amazon and are their way of identifying product listings in their system.

It all depends on exactly what you are selling, but if your products do not have barcodes and if the exact item is already listed on Amazon then you may be able to list against it. However there are a lot of sellers that will pressure you to remove your product from what they class as 'their listing'. Some of these claims are justified due to brand registry and other legal stuff, but a lot are just trying to put off the competition.

The alternative is to purchase your own barcodes and create a unique listing for each of your products on Amazon. If you go down this route, you can buy cheap barcodes from places such as eBay, but I would recommend that you buy them from the official GS1 website. They cost more, but are registered to you, and if you have your own brand that you want to protect with 'Brand Registry' on Amazon at a later date, these are the only barcodes that Amazon will now accept. It also overcomes the problem of a barcode seller selling the same set of codes to several buyers, which has happened in the past, creating problems for the buyers.

Amazon is a lot stricter market place to sell on than eBay. You must get your orders out and delivered on time, and messages must be replied to within 24 hours (365 days a year). Initial verification and set up can be a right pain as well. Do things wrong and get suspended and it can take months to get back on, if at all. However we have found the rewards to be greater than eBay.

As @Jax Music Supply has said, do your research before jumping in too deep with Amazon. As there are often multiple sellers selling on the same listing, price is a definite thing to consider.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.
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Re: Selling on eBay, how to sell on Amazon?
19 Sep 2016
What is an official GS1 website ? I am new
and learning the lingo. Is there a blodg or site
that lists all the definitions for amazon FBA? I
have been studing Amazon's site but it's still confusing
and constantly changing.

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