Software that fits the bill for many types of online sellers

A review of Monsoon by PlumCircle
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Software that fits the bill for many types of online sellers
31 Aug 2016
We have been using Monsoon for approximately 10 years at this point. There exists no perfect software for online selling, but here’s what we like about the Monsoon platform: It’s very reliable. It resides on our own server rather than on the web. There’s plenty of settings to help price inventory depending on age, weight, MSRP, etc. You can be very marketplace specific. As your company grows, you can build your own software to integrate with Monsoon. If you’re picky like me, you might secretly wish to handle the whole thing yourself, but honestly that is not practical for most of us. If you’re frugal, Monsoon may appear expensive when first meets the eye, but for me the flexibility more than offsets the extra monthly spend. It takes time to get your settings in good order, but once you do, you will sleep better. With that better rest you might personally perform better (attend to your purchasing responsibilities, warehouse optimization, business finances, of course tweak those settings!) and grow your business to the size that is right for you. --- Paul Thompson, PlumCircle
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