Looking for Reliable European Amazon contractors

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Looking for Reliable European Amazon contractors
1 Sep 2016
Hello All,

We are a US business that has expanded into Amazon Europe but face an ongoing challenge in getting listings optimized and translated into different languages. (Yes, we've used Fiverr and Upwork). We are a Brand-Registered company selling unique items we manufacture, so I doubt we are in competition with anyone on this board.
Can anyone recommend a high quality optimization/translation contractor or agency for German, Italian, French, Spanish or Japanese? If you've got a good contractor you've worked with and you want to give their business a boost, please let me know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Looking for Reliable European Amazon contractors
3 Sep 2016
Well, the problem is actually not to get a decent translations of a particular product description. The real problem is, that you are dealing with up to 5 different countries and therfore 5 different customer mentalities you are selling too, which all need to be approached individually. so what you are looking for is someone who can manage to adapt your listing / product description incl titles and bullet points to the specific needs of each market, right? make no mistake - german customers need to be approached totally different than e.g. british or french customers. In addition, you should put some thoughts in what happens once your european listings are up and running. What about customer service? can you answer mails in 5 different languages, again keeping in mind that customers in each country are quite different? also, what about the time difference? can you afford to let them wait for an answer 8 - 10 hours? the list goes on, but if you are looking for someone who can help you with all this, let me know.
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Re: Looking for Reliable European Amazon contractors
4 Sep 2016

I currently sell on Amazon.com... and on Amazon.co.uk, .de, .fr, .it and .es. We are trying to list on Amazon.jp. We'll almost there.

My challenge is that we are very successful selling on Amazon.com, mildly successful on Amazon.co.uk. Not very successful at all the Amazon.de, .fr, .it and .es sites.

It's confusing to us. The translations are done, as best we think. The product descriptions are identical to the Amazon.com listings. The prices are of course uplifted to account for the shipping/carriage costs, the VAT tax and the usual Amazon fees.

But still the sales are no where near what they are on Amazon.com.

Your thoughts? It seemed that you offer some kind of listing service or expertise for the Amazon.eu sellers. Is that accurate???


Bob Koch

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Re: Looking for Reliable European Amazon contractors
6 Sep 2016
I run WeArePentagon in Europe, and for the past 7 years we've been doing a lot of work with the bigger UK retailers and marketplace sellers in helping them be successful on 30+ marketplaces internationally, from Amazon.de to Allegro.pl to Flipkart etc. We operate a rev share model and so are all about driving GMV rather than just getting sellers live globally. If that's appropriate for your business, get in touch on hello@pentagon-interactive.co.uk
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Re: Looking for Reliable European Amazon contractors
7 Sep 2016
Our forum policy is that suppliers should not post recommending their own products/services (they can PM instead).

But in this case we'll relax that rule and open this thread up to any other suppliers who can address @ScarfKing's needs.
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Re: Looking for Reliable European Amazon contractors
16 Sep 2016

If you need a solution for returns in Europe please get in touch.

If fulfillment of your orders from within Europe is also in your plans we can also offer fulfillment from our centre in Germany plus other services to help you trade in the EU.

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