So many bugs

A review of CrossPostIt by Borat
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So many bugs
1 Sep 2016
What was good about this product or service overall?

It makes managing consignor payments easy. Shipping settings are tuned.

What could have been better?
Everything else. eBay/Amazon Fees on multiple quantity sales don't calculate correctly. I don't think the Amazon/eBay "actual fee" setting has ever worked. User has to jury rig solutions that are supposed to be functions of the software but flat-out don't work. Listing time is slower than actually listing on eBay/Amazon itself. Listing eBay items works relatively smoothly compared to CL and and Amazon. Moving and editing photos is clunky. Posting on Craigslist uses a RockIt module and queues your items for minutes at a time. It doesn't allow for the user to select specific community, and the user has to go in to the CL posting and fill in his/her name, phone number and contact methods.

Listing on Amazon via SV isn't effective. Consignors aren't alerted to postings/sales via Amazon or Craigslist as they are with eBay. Lots of manual work the user has to do on top of what the software should do. Fees jump exponentially if you're a small seller. One month you list 75 items and pay $50, then you upload 150 listing in the next month or so and you're suddenly paying $200/month.

Multiple Variation/Quantity item sales print off a new item number without a location, so user has to log in, find the master item number, and look at its location to find location of sales. Productivity reports don't work on multiple item sales until all items have sold.

Listing templates are either stale, ugly, or both.

A nice feature to add would be a label printing feature, so I don't have to pay a 3rd party to do that. I'd feel a little less bad about paying $150-$200 a month if I didn't have to pay $16 a month to use a shipping software. Wait...I pay $16 a month to use a comprehensive SQL based shipping software that saves me tons of time and effort and pay $200 to use a consignment software just so I don't have to manage consignor payments on a spreadsheet? Is something amiss here?

I honestly don't think they have someone thoroughly QA'ing the software. It's a bit arrogant to say, but maybe Tampa isn't a good place to find software talent.

How was the support?
Support was responsive, polite and quick. It's the only reason I'm giving out three stars and not two.
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