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Bid-O-Matic tweak
9 Apr 2007
Greetings, very interesting posts... I Live (sort-of) in the U.S.. I just downloaded BOM, because many of you say it is a very good utility.. A couple of things: First of all, I have been reading that a couple of .ini files need to be edited. Is this still true, or was that taken care of already in the new version (2.0? I think?)

If I do need to edit a couple of .ini strings, exactly how do I do this? I can get as far as using explorer to open the BOM folder. I can see that there are a cluster of sub-folders/files there, including some .ini code. But exactly where do I need to go and exactly which string(s) need to be changed to what? (If any)

2nd thing, when I click on the Options menu, I get an error message, something about the program cant find another set of code, and I need to check to see if my BOM version is up to date. Well, I did, and I'm informed that I have the most up-to-date version. So, has anyone else got this error message, and what can be done about it?. (Seems like a lot of hassles when there are so many other capable sniper type utilities out there......) Especially considering BOM doesn't even have any help files or documentation!! Oh, and how does that 'Group' function work? OK, that's all for now, happy configuring! Kev
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Re: Bid-O-Matic tweak
16 Apr 2007
Hi Kev,

The ini file edit is something I needed to do only to change the eBay site displayed when clicking on an item within BOM. The program should work fine without the change, but you may find that is displayed rather than See here for more information:

To use the group function you enter the same number (of your choice) in the group box next to two or more items to indicate that you only want to win one of them. By using different numbers you can have more than one group running at a time.

Your other free desktop sniper choice is JBidWatcher, see here for an up to date list: Free Desktop Snipers.

There are other free web-based snipers. Gixen seems to be the pick of the bunch. Free Web-Based Snipers
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