Terrible support

A review of Atandra T-HUB by crawdaddy
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Terrible support
8 Sep 2016
What was good about this product or service overall? The product is ok but the service awful.

What could have been better?Fire the entire customer service department and start over again. No one should be spared. They are a complete disgrace and make a mockery of customer support.

How was the support?Worst customer support we have every experienced. What can you say when they hang up on you as you are explaining there is a problem that hasn't been fixed? Half of our Amazon orders are not being pulled through and now we have a mess. We have spent days on the phone and online to no avail. We have been with these people for almost 9 years and have always had less than average support. We managed to work through problems even though their english language support is a challange. Now we have an impossible problem because the software is broken and they are no help at all. Stay away from these people you will regret it.
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