Teapplix Shipping Automation is highly recommended!

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Teapplix Shipping Automation is highly recommended!
8 Sep 2016
I have been using other shipping automating software for the past five years and after 3 weeks of using Teapplix Shipping and Accounting Automation, I am in the process of switching everything over. Teapplix is super easy to set up and use, I signed up for the trial and was printing orders in less than 30 minutes from signing up. The support is there as well, they answer their phone and emails very promptly, I even asked if they minded that I keep calling because i had many questions the first week, Teapplix support said, "Call all you want, that's what we are here for."

We currently print over 100 labels a day and Teapplix is making it a breeze! Our eBay and Amazon tracking/upload percentage shot straight to 100% after using Teapplix for only 1 week.

One thing I am blown away by is how simple this shipping automation software is and how great it works. The "other software" I was using for years was supposed to automate shipping and make my life easier but compared to Teapplix I realize now how horrible it was. I could "automate" 50% of my labels in the other program and it still took about 30 minutes to print these "automated" labels. After 3 weeks of using Teapplix we are already printing over 65% of our labels in a much more automated fashion and that number will only get higher and higher each day.

I'm super excited to be using Teapplix so far and would highly recommend it to all mail order businesses!
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