Loyal customer saying goodbye

A review of Linnworks by Ryan-P
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Loyal customer saying goodbye
14 Sep 2016
Overall, Linnworks 'Desktop' - I say desktop, as this is the software we have been using for 3 years, and have been overall very impressed with - has been second to none. We experienced some minor bugs along the way, though none of these had any impact on our day to day trading - until the release of Linnworks.net.
We don't use Linnworks.net, which is the cloud based version, but are soon to have no choice. The horror stories of downtime, and £1000's of lost revenue as a result are leaving us with no option but to look for an alternative. This is without mentioning the recent 'Price Hike' which Linnworks are calling a 'Restructure', which will increase our monthly subscription for the service from £40pm + VAT (we were on the legacy loyalty customer subscription) to £140pm + VAT. The only reason that Linnworks seem to be able to justify this huge price hike is that they are adding 24/7 support, as opposed to 24/5 support. Support is only used by us when there is an issue with the software.
On top of this, they are also adding a £50pm surcharge for each additional user, regardless of whether they use the full system, or just print shipping labels in the packing shop.
A few months ago, Linnworks would have got a 5 star rating from us, but with recent developments, we are out.
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