Excellent customer support helping me streamline my ecom biz

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Excellent customer support helping me streamline my ecom biz
21 Sep 2016
Using Expandly has enabled me to split small amounts of stock 6-12 units per product across 3 platforms - Etsy, Amazon and my Shopify website. Instead of only being able to list 2 units per sku on each site, I can have 6 available on all, which Expandly will update all platforms when a product sells. Game changer for me!

Its also saved me so much time, being able to upload listings via CSV file into Expandly and then batch list straight on to Etsy, which you can't do direct to Etsy.

When I've incurred a problem with a listing or uploading the csv file, the support staff were really friendly and helpful, getting the issues solved in less than an hour. I submitted a ticket via their chat feature, went to make a cup of tea came back and it was sorted.

I'm not very tech savy and so the 'getting started' feature which gives a step by step guide was mega helpful. Can't wait to get more listings up to make full use of this platform.
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