Need MarketWorks level of software without the fee

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Need MarketWorks level of software without the fee
1 May 2007
Hello to all,

I run a low 7 figure business and am about to do a major rewrite of my entire website. Most sellers in my business use one of the 3rd party software vendors to interface with eBay (ie, Marketworks, Vendio, Auctiva, Blackthorne etc), and another totally separate package to run their website sales.

This causes a terrible problem with dual inventory. Having thousands of SKUs means having a single live inventory for both eBay and web sales is a must.

I need a comprehensive package that can seamlessly handle sales across eBay and the web all at the same time- one that will move eBay sales through my shopping cart at checkout, thus allowing buyers to add items from my website. I do this now with MarketWorks and it works fine.

The issue is MarketWorks' fee. As we grow the fee becomes very negative. I would prefer to buy or lease a ready made, or customizable, package that would allow us to grow without the pecentage of sales fee.

We need a robust package that is strong across the board. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,

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Re: Need MarketWorks level of software without the
10 May 2007

I have a ton of suggestions. I'm curious as to why you're concerned with the Marketworks fee. By my estimates, the fee should be only a small portion of what you're making. If it's not, then I think you need to take a look at reorganizing your expenses/COGS. I have seen over and over again businesses that think their problem is the software, when most of the time it's actually something else. If you're making 7 figures, fees nearing 2,000 per month shouldn't be an issue. email me at and maybe I can take a look at what's going on.
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Re: Need MarketWorks level of software without the
16 May 2007
Another idea...

Look at eBay ProStores for your website... The checkout is seamless and integrated with eBay. Of course the FVF is higher than if you were selling from a stand alone website, but everything is a trade-off. Pro-Stores will allow you to manage one inventory and allow you to post your sku's on eBay or your Prostores website...

One could argue that if you were going to go this route there is no reason to have a pro-store because you could simply use the html builder in eBay stores to insert live eBay store inventory into any website and simply use the same checkout eBay provides. But then you are paying that pesky FVF again.

All in all you will eventually have to pay a fee for service. If you look at the expenses of a brick and mortar merchant I think you will realize your monthly FVF or percentage charge for completed sales is not nearly as high as say... taxes and insurance and lease payments for high end mall space.
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Re: Need MarketWorks level of software without the
18 May 2007
You might also want to check out Paypal Express checkout. From what I understand, your eBay buyers will be able to check out through your website if your website has Paypal Express integrated. Then all you need is an inventory management system that integreates with Paypal Express.
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Re: Need MarketWorks level of software without the
24 May 2007
You get what you pay for.

There is no such thing as a perfect "all-in-one" solution, although I've seen some great results from sellers who utilize a CSP to power their marketplaces and eCommerce sales.

My recommendation is to find a marketplace management software that best meets your requirements.

I agree that any fee you'd pay is relative to the revenue they can help you generate and the efficiency they can bring to your business.

Any fee is essentially distilled to a % of your sales.
Think of ALL of your costs and divide by the revenue generated.

Ask any software company the following:

1) How many full time employees do you have in your quality assurance department (QA)? How many full-time employees do you have in your customer support department?

If the answer seems pathetic or not credible, you're paying to be a beta tester and then you are left stranded with no support.

2) Tell me about your e-commerce solution? What kind of gross revenue do your top customers generate from their stores?

3) How can you help me push my SKU's to the comparison shopping engines to help drive traffic?

3.5) Do you support GoogleCheckout (free credit card processing)

4) What kind of support do you have for meta-tags to help optimize my natural search results?

5) Can your marketplace software integrate to any e-commerce solution through API's or Web-Services?

6) Who is your CEO and how long has he/she been with your company in that capacity (it all starts at the top)! Marketworks has been through some changes at the top of the past few years.

Otherwise, I suggest you call ChannelAdvisor, Infopia, Truition, Zoovy, and get a demonstration. Be sure to ask for references. And remember, if your business is growing, your cost to any software cost should be an investment in efficiency and growth.

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