Essential Things to Consider While Developing eComm Website

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Essential Things to Consider While Developing eComm Website
28 Sep 2016
This post about 5 essential things to consider...eveloping an ecommerce website gives you a brief idea about what are the essential thing to consider to develop a great ecommerce website development.
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Re: Essential Things to Consider While Developing eComm Webs
29 Sep 2016

Nice post, and I agree, but what about these four other things that are also possibly just as important.

SEO - You can have the best looking, most navigable, most secure website in the world, but if the search engines can't find you what is the point ? For a recent test for a client we created websites based on PrestaShop, Woo Commerce for Wordpress and Shopify. All had the same number of products with the same descriptions etc and no additional plug ins / modules. After 2 weeks, the Prestashop site had the highest search engine ranking (easily beating Amazon and eBay on most items) followed by Woo Commerce and then Shopify.

Ease of use - Despite the problems with SEO in the clients eyes Shopify was easier for them to list products on and so they were prepared to spend that bit extra to pay for SEO work to compensate. Listing products on Shopify took around 66% less time than on the other two platforms.

Servers / hosting - Does the website host offer geo-redundancy to eliminate website downtime ? Maybe not essential to many, but two weeks ago a major player in the e-commerce market in the UK had parts of their system offline for several hours, which affected several hundred e-commerce sellers. This was due to a problem with Rackspace servers and BT who provide the internet infrastructure. Our own websites were unaffected due to geo-redundancy.

Integration - More and more sellers are selling on multiple channels therefore requiring the use of multi channel integration software. If sellers are already using a certain brand of software, then this will have to be taken into account when choosing an e-commerce website platform due to the availability of integrations with their chosen software.

With regard to site security, I think that buyers are getting a bit blasé. Whilst https and the padlock are important to many, most in our experience (and Google Analytics data), do not check the privacy page as much as they do the delivery / refund page. As an experiment, on April 1st this year we changed a cookie policy pop up on a clients site (with their permission) to include 'You could win £1m click for details' and included a link to a page that just said 'Buy a lottery ticket'. This site gets just over 1000 unique visits a day. only one visit was made to that page on that day. So either 0.1% of people read the cookie warning or 99.9% of people knew it was an April Fools joke !
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