Bid-o-matic options questions

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Bid-o-matic options questions
5 May 2007

I'm new here, and delighted to find this forum. I've been using BoM for a couple of years, and I still really don't understand the settings very well, especially the Bid and Automatic settings.

The options screen says:

Prepare / Bid [ 15 ] / [6 ] sec. before end of auction. I don't know exactly what Prepare is, but it looks like the prog is bidding at 15 secs, not at 6.

Then under Automatic options I have:

Refresh options:
  • Until auctions ends [cyclical 1 item] All [30] sec.
  • Until [5] Minutes before all auctions [15] min.

  • These settings are critical, yet I have barely a clue what they're doing. Cyclical 1 item seems to mean cycle through all the items upon Refresh. No idea what 30 sec. does.
    15 min seems to be the refresh interval until [5] min before the auction closes. At that point I think it switches to a 15 interval, but I don't know where it gets that from.

    Great prog, but it suffers for lack of clear English directions. Any help would be appreciated. Also, just downloaded JBidWatcher, and it seems very good as well.

    Best wishes,
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    Re: Bid-o-matic options questions
    13 May 2007
    Hi Paul,

    The official Bid-O-Matic site is here: There is very little English coverage, although you can find a few forum topics if you search.

    The closest I could find to some English documentation was via the Google cache, so the link might not work for long: BOM Manual (click View as HTML if you don't want to download it)

    To answer your questions:

    I think "Prepare" should be the time when BOM begins the bidding process (e.g. logs into eBay, submits a bid amount) and "Bid" should be the time when the bid is confirmed to eBay by BOM. The program needs to go through the same process to bid as you would manually - it's not a one-step process. You can check the actual time it placed the bid (if it was successful) by looking at the Bid History on eBay after the auction ends.

    About Refresh options...

    BOM Manual (linked above) wrote:

    You can do a refresh of the whole item list or only the next few items; use that feature only with a LAN or flatrate..

    If you have a lot of items in BOM, you should delimitate the number of items.

    Until auction ends refreshes the next item(s). If set, Until x min before next auction can be set; that refreshes (in the screenshot) every 10 min the items, limited to next 3 items (here, all 10 min the next 3 items are refreshed with 30 sec space between the refreshes)

    X Additional reloads are used if the server says "item not found”, e.g. on Fridays. If all reloads are fallen through (?sp?), the item was marked as "not on server”

    X Min before the next .. does a login with the username assigned to the next item (or the default user) x min before the next auction ends.

    That doesn't make much sense to me... but perhaps it will help you figure it out. Please post here if you crack it

    To be honest, I don't see why the refresh options matter that much. The whole point of sniping is that you set your maximum bid and forget about it.
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    Re: Bid-o-matic options questions
    13 May 2007
    Hi Andy. Thanks for taking the time for that explanation. Some of the options make sense. Every time I think I'm getting it, though, something else will pop up which defies understanding. I'm going to have to practice some more on it.

    I agree with you about the purpose of sniping, but I want to understand what this program is doing. I hadn't used it in a long time, and an important auction was coming up. I took a chance and it worked out (though BOM placed the bid at the Prepare time, not to specced Bid time). But it was a pretty good amount of money and I'd rather really understand what's happening.

    As for the BOM forum, I've never gotten too far there. The English end of things is very weak.

    Thanks again. Be well.

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