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Truly Excellent, Ethical Company
29 Sep 2016
Before FreeeUp, I had worked with many contractors of every stripe, recruited through the usual websites, craigslist, you name it. If you are new to this business, you will get picked clean by charlatans, liars and other self-proclaimed experts. They drown you in a sea of ecomm-babble, and then you write them a good review because it's going to be another 12 months before you realize how full of *&%$ they were. I know, because I've been there.

Then, you hire someone who barely speaks English, is super-cheap, and with whom you spend dozens of hours explaining, re-explaining, re-re-explaining, then giving up because you've put 50 hours into it and it's still not right. After that, they write you an angry letter when you don't give them a 5 star review. Been there, too. The good contractors are out there, but they are very hard to find, especially if you lack experience.

Then along came Freeeup. I have hired 4 translators and two listing optimizers. All but one have been excellent, and in the case of that one, Nathan made good instantly as soon as I complained, immediately assigning me a really excellent worker. No third degree, no telling me I was too demanding, no excuses, no defensiveness. Just: "I'll make it right." And he did, within an hour. That was as impressive to me as his excellent quality help.

The fees are more than fair for the skill level offered. All the workers have been intelligent, eager to learn and quick to respond. Also, you can interview them first to get an idea of whether they fit or not.

If you are too busy running your business to try to sort out a bunch of random contractors, and/or don't have the skills yet to be able to recognize the good ones from the bad ones, this service will save you loads of time and money, and help you move your business forward. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

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