The Next Big Things of eCommerce in 2016

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The Next Big Things of eCommerce in 2016
29 Sep 2016
Mobile dominance , Content Marketing and Video Marketing emerged as the Next Big Things Of eCommerce.
A recent research indicates that almost 50.5 % users are from mobile devices.
Read the above article for more information on this topic.
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Re: The Next Big Things of eCommerce in 2016
1 Oct 2016
@sarahmaxwell789 / Chloe Grace Moretz / Serena Nicole

Okay, I do not really want to pick fault with a link / post, but on this occasion I will and I apologise to those that think I am out of order.

The fact that you say 'nearly 50.5%' and not the 50.3% quoted in the article is strange but possibly understandable.

A Shopify article from 2014 quoted the same figure making me think that this percentage may now have been exceeded and hence the link already outdated, especially with the advances (since 2014) in smartphone technology, cheaper mobile internet, responsive websites etc. Also is this a worldwide figure or country dependant ?

Mobile is certainly the way forward for all things internet including e-commerce, and if sellers are not offering fully responsive websites / platforms then they will lose out. There is no question of that.

Video marketing's usefulness / ROI completely depends on the product. A video about a spoon would not really encourage me to buy a spoon, however videos about say a car would. ROI is certainly a factor to take into consideration as well as the quality of the video presentation. Statements such as 'Your website gains more mileage if a video is added to its main page.' and 'Get double-click through rates using videos in email-marketing.' would really have to be justified before being deemed credible (no proof on the linked article). Good website content via optimised text or images can be just as effective or more so than a video from my personal experience.

The statement 'As estimated by Dr. James Mc Qvivey, a leading analyst of digital disruption, a one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.' from the linked article was once possibly (at a push) correct, but is now laughable especially when you realise it was made in 2008 and the way it was worked out can be found here. Other articles about this are available via Google here.

In my honest opinion, which probably does not account for much, the order delivery experience is the one that will matter to consumers the most (after price and availability). Consumers will want to know that their order is on its way, where it is at any particular time, and exactly when to the minute they can expect to receive it and / or collect it from their preferred location.

If a seller can offer a search engine and mobile friendly website with all the products that a customer wants at a price that they want to pay with an excellent delivery service, then they have it made and the rest of us should pack up and go home (and order from the internet on our mobile devices).

Until then we should all keep trying and ignore outdated / dubious posts that are ultimately there to get your money. (IMHO)

I would like to point out that this is not a personal dig at the OP (or any of her aliases) but at the whole 'Here is a post / link that may want to sell you a service' situation.
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