Breeze Order Manager for eBay+PayPal Version 12.0.3

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Breeze Order Manager for eBay+PayPal Version 12.0.3
1 Oct 2016
Humber Software Services Inc. is pleased to announce the general availability of version 12 of Breeze Order Manager for eBay+PayPal.
Version 12 includes
- Bug fixes
- Faster downloads
- New packing slip templates.

Breeze Order Manager is a software solution suited for e-commerce merchants who use PayPal as a payment processor.

For many years, the tools available to print packing slips, address labels, and invoices have been tedious, time-consuming, or ill-suited for small businesses. Printing packing slips one by one takes too long and an expensive solution just for the simple task of printing your orders doesn't make financial sense.

Breeze solves this problem by providing merchants, the world over, a robust and affordable software tool that will download and batch print PayPal orders in only just a few clicks. Breeze is a mature product that has been battle-tested over the years. The first version of Breeze was published in 2009, seven years ago.

Purchase a one year license and start streamlining order your fulfillment process visit for more information.

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