Amzpecty - Price Checker Tool for Amazon Sellers

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Amzpecty - Price Checker Tool for Amazon Sellers
4 Oct 2016
Hey everyone!

As I have mentioned in the "Introduce Yourself" forum, I represent a software developer. I'd like to introduce here our product, which we call Amzpecty.

In a nutshell, Amzpecty is what we could call a "competitor research" tool. It lets you take a peek at what everyone in your niche market is selling. After all, when we sell, we look at the price range everyone is selling at so we can calculate our own prices and be competitive, while still ensuring our profit margins.

These are the things that you could do with Amzpecty:

* Look at the different prices offered by your competitors
* Look at the differences in shipping rates
* See the exact number of items in the competitor's inventory

All of this can be done with just one click! All of that information is displayed in a separate pop-up page so they're all conveniently available.

Amzpecty can be integrated to your Amazon Seller Central account too! You can also place product notes on your own items, but only as a premium account holder.

Find out more about our features here. Alternatively, you can sign up or check our pricing here.

Feel free to PM me here if you have any questions about Amzpecty. I'd be happy to answer your questions within 24 hours, of course.


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Pricing can make or break an e-commerce website. You can check competitor quantity and pricing on Amazon now with Amzpecty.
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Re: Amzpecty - Price Checker Tool for Amazon Sellers
16 Apr 2019
@Amzpecty Hi Lloyd. We are a small manufacturer. When we need answers, we usually need them pretty quickly and sometime time zones are a problem for us. Can you give us an idea of what part of the planet (city/state or country) are you located in? Thanks in advance.

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