Third pary Tool for Shipping wit Dazzle.

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Third pary Tool for Shipping wit Dazzle.
11 May 2007
does anyone know a third party tool that can connects with dazzle.

Something like, it would take our eBay orders address and print stamp labels with them. Maybe it would connect with a token or we do export... Anything would be fine.

Hope its not that confusing.

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Re: Third pary Tool for Shipping wit Dazzle.
12 May 2007

Now, I might be wrong but my understanding is that integrating with Dazzle is the same as integrating with Endicia (Dazzle is an Endicia product).

Desktop products have been covered here: Desktop products with Endicia support

Web-based auction managers with Endicia integration are ChannelAdvisor Merchant, Infopia, Auction Hawk, ChannelAdvisor Pro, eSellerPro,, FillZ, Marketworks (via ShipWorks), and Zoovy.

Unsurprisingly, all the order management specialists (except UK-focused Just Ship IT) support Endicia, so that's IntelliShip, ShipWorks, and Stone Edge Order Manager.

If anyone thinks there is a mistake in that information, or I have missed someone out, please post a reply.

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Re: Third pary Tool for Shipping wit Dazzle.
14 May 2007
Don't forget Laris and Kyozou.

And integration with Endicia and Dazzle are actually two different things. You can integrate directly with Endicia or you can pass xml files to and from the Dazzle software. Our platform currently supports both, although the direct Endicia integration is fairly new, and we have seen a few clients have some trouble with it.
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Re: Third pary Tool for Shipping wit Dazzle.
15 May 2007
Teapplix IntelliShip is a web based system fully integrated with Dazzle. One thing special about us is we remember weights and sku. Most of your orders you don't need any manual entry of information. We are integrated with Paypal / eBay via API so no import / export needed either.

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Re: Third pary Tool for Shipping wit Dazzle.
23 Jun 2007

I use Auction Hawk it is a great service that works with Endicia. Also Quickbooks, Excel it is just $12.99 a month. They are the only site I found that does keep good archive of all my customer data after I delete the auctions from their site. I download the directly into Dazzle.

If you don't need a lot of heavy inventory features you should try them. maybe they can help you, they might add your ideas too

I guess one problem is it they explain it cannot work for the auctions I do outside Auction Hawk.

Hope this helps you and Have a Good Day.

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