support isn't always good, software can be very buggy

A review of SixBit by WMlarson
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support isn't always good, software can be very buggy
8 Oct 2016
the support is not always good. Sometimes you send a detailed question and they send a 1 line response that offers no assistance if they didn't even read your message. This has happened to me more than once. Then to make matters worse, once you receive a response you can reply but you will wait another day or more for another response. Essentially it takes several days just to exchange a couple of messages. This is unacceptable for a service that costs $70 a month. The program itself is pretty great when it works. The program seems to be a bit fragile and it is not hard to find bugs. While these issues are usually just minor bugs and at worst would be described as "very inconvenient", other times the bugs can cause some serious problems.

To be clear, I am very thankful that this software is available and will continue to use it. The developers are continuously working to improve the program, adding features and improving existing ones. I do hope they are successful into the future if for no other reason than my success as an eBay seller depends on it.

Keep fighting SixBit developers!

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Re: support is terrible.
18 Oct 2016


I looked into your complaint and I see that Steve L. did a remote session with you. Looks like the problem was identified and the new fix was just put out. Can you give it a try and let us know if you are still having any issues.
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