sells on ebay really slow

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sells on ebay really slow
8 Oct 2016
any idea why the sells on eBay is really slow?
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Re: sells on ebay really slow
9 Oct 2016
Depending on what you are selling I personally think eBay has a capped pricing limit and unless you are offering very cheap products sales tend to steeply drop off.
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Re: sells on ebay really slow
11 Oct 2016
It really just depends on what you're selling, and the competition from other sellers.

I don't think eBay sales as a whole have dropped significantly in the last couple of years, but the distribution of sales changes over time. For example, compared to 5 or 10 years ago there are a lot more overseas sellers selling items for cheap, and a lot of bigger retailer sellers as a whole. So the EBay markets for many sellers has been affected by this.
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Re: sells on ebay really slow
11 Oct 2016

As others have said, it does depend on what you are selling.

Another factor to consider is are your listings appearing in eBays Best Match ? With all the changes they have been making in the last few months it is easy to have your listings drop down to page 2 or beyond due to no fault of your own other than non compliance with eBays 'thought process'.

Others things to check are - Are your prices competitive ? Is your feedback good ? Have you got product reviews for your item that are putting people off ? Is your item being sold by competitors but not by you ?

You should also consider other selling channels. Over the last couple of years there have been more channels opening up for online sellers / buyers. Some more successful than others. This will obviously dilute the marketplace, especially with eBays lack of promotion.

To be honest, we have near enough given up on eBay in the UK. It used to account for the majority of our sales, but now the numbers are dwindling. The majority of our sales are now international and there are a lot less 'dodgy buyers' compared to the UK market. It may be worth your while to spread your wings.
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Re: sells on ebay really slow
5 Nov 2016
There are so many things to consider in getting customers especially to earn loyal customers to come back again. A good customer service, good feedback rating, good return policies etc..focus on these tasks to achieve long term relationship and success.
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Re: sells on ebay really slow
6 Nov 2016
eBay is up slightly this year for me. Amazon has been an issue even though the percentage of buy boxes we "own" is higher. Our best selling items have been taken over by Amazon. They sell at a loss. Nothing I can do about that.
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Re: sells on ebay really slow
7 Nov 2016
Honestly, there could be so many factors affecting your eBay selling - your site, your reviews, your prices, what type of products you sell.

I think a good pointer her is you can check what are the other things that your competitor did for theirs to sell - if theirs are even selling in the first place.

Good luck!

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