ShipWorks manages shipping and order/customer database

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ShipWorks manages shipping and order/customer database
10 Oct 2016
We have been a ShipWorks client for over 10 years. We love it. ShipWorks is our "back room" for all the orders we ship from our 2 stores. We have all the data on all orders and customers from the very beginning of our adopting the ShipWorks platform.

The customer service they provide is the very best. When we need assistance we first look at the FAQs or send them an email trouble report. They answer immediately and in most cases our problem is solved within hours.

Their updates are easy to install and the database is always kept current.

Using ShipWorks we get the very best rates on USPS and package insurance (when we need it) at very reasonable rate.

We ship approximately 150 packages a month and use USPS and FedEx.
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