Extremely useful product with outstanding support.

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Michael D Thomas
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Extremely useful product with outstanding support.
11 Oct 2016
I've been using the paid version of Automated Searches for about 18 months to purchase cameras, lenses and related equipment for resale on eBay.

"Internal arbitrage" (buying and reselling items, on eBay) can be difficult but rewarding, and automated searches is one of the few products I've used the can actually significantly improve returns using this kind of strategy - there are several products that perform roughly similar functions to AS, but none even approach the power of AS if you want to optimize purchases of products which require sophisticated searches.

Automated searches works as well as it does for two reasons:

- AS it has a VERY deep feature set.

Searches - especially in terms of searches with complicated conditional exclusions - are MUCH easier to to create and maintain in the AS environment than their native eBay counterparts (for example it's easy to maintain multiple large exclusion lists for search strings and vendors).

- The second is that AS has - hands down - the best support of any software or web-based service I've ever used.

I've exchanged dozens of emails with the sites operator with regard to search strategies, feature requests and similar questions, and typically receive a response to even very complicated queries within a day, and often with a few hours,

Even more impressive, there been occasions when I've requested the implementation of additional features or fixes to minor bugs, the changes been made within the same time frame!
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