eBay Amazon Traffic Reports Traffic Reports

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eBay Amazon Traffic Reports Traffic Reports
26 May 2007
I have been using Netvibes for awhile, which I highly recommend to others who use multiple eBay accounts, and one of the modules I had placed was an Alexa Traffic Report module using eBay, Amazon and some others as an example.

One of the things that have come into question is if Alexa is even remotely right on the traffic generated on these sites.

See Example Here

If it is correct, then eBay and Amazon both are now suffering from such a low level of traffic EVER! It is currently lower than its initial month in monthly traffic.

Obviously, if it is wrong, a comparisson with another traffic reporting site/utility would be appreciated to set my own mind at ease.


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Re: eBay Amazon Traffic Reports Traffic Reports
28 May 2007
Alexa's data comes from users of the Alexa toolbar and as such it is not completely reliable, and can be manipulated .

There are other sources of traffic/ranking information but Alexa remains the most useful of the free, publicly accessible ones.
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