Seeking Free trial users for our eBay analytics app!

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Seeking Free trial users for our eBay analytics app!
14 Oct 2016

My name is Anojan and I used to look after Buyer Experience (Search and Structured data) at eBay UK and Australia I have since left and started a business that delivers eBay new listing data to sellers in real time. We are called ShelfTrend and enable sellers to monitor new products that might undercut them on price or service standards and ultimately gain best match ranking. We are available for more markets and categories than Terapeak without the 3-5 day data lag.

Staying on top of new listings is one of the only ways to protect your sales on eBay which is increasingly moving towards machine learned ranking decisions to gain more buyer sales so hope you will give us a try!

We are gaining some customers and good feedback in the Asia Pacific (Australia and China) region and wanted to start extending to Europe.

We would love for you to join us on a free 30-day trial and help us further evolve our product. If you are interested you can go to our site at and submit your email (we promise not to spam you!)

Happy to answer any questions you might have!

Anojan Abel

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