Help Getting Re-Instated on eBay

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Help Getting Re-Instated on eBay
30 May 2007
I need help getting reinstated on eBay. I was 98.5% positive with over 6 years of selling on eBay. I was kicked off for mistakenly using the wrong picture of a Dell monitor I got off Dells website.

Anyways, I need help getting reinstated. Can anyone recommend anything?

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Re: Help Getting Re-Instated on eBay
30 May 2007
If you have an account rep you can call him or her. Otherwise, you might want to partner with someone else and use their name for the biz.
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Re: Help Getting Re-Instated on eBay
9 Jun 2007
I cannot really believe that you were banned for just one image transgression.

In my experience it is unlike eBay to ban someone for just one error. Normally they will give warnings first. The number of warnongs depend on your eBay status. If you are a Powerseller you get more warnings the higher up the Powerseller ladder you are.

You can always appeal direct to eBay for re-instatement

For further info and links regarding suspended account and appealing against a descision have a look at

Hundreds of usues "pinch" images from retailers. Many though get round the copyright bit by watermarking the images (infraview is a good program and free), altering the image slightly and then hostint the new image on a free hosting site...try imageshack or Auctiva.

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