Desperate for new online management software

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Desperate for new online management software
30 May 2007
We're currently seeing about 150-200 sales per month (about 67% store and 33% auction). I'm ready to post at least 2000 more items and want to increase sales to at least 500 per month. We're mostly low-ticket items in medium volume. We have a few consignments and I plan to up this in the coming months. Here are some of the things I'm looking for:

*fast listing process on one screen which doesn't need to be scrolled up and down to complete

*fast server with fast uploads to/downloads from eBay

*sort by all sorts of data. if I have pages and pages of information, I need it to sort by the information in that column on all pages, not just on the one page I'm currently viewing.

*custom templates to streamline EVERYTHING. With THE BEST programmers behind the scenes, they'll always try to modify to suit my needs... because if I need it, some other seller will too.

*Possibility of photographing and posting item all at once as fast as possible so I don't have to have piles of stuff waiting to be photographed. I'd like to tether the camera to the computer. When you get to the image section of your listing, you "acquire" from the camera, the image pops up on screen and edit as needed (including applying presets on size/color/zoomability (I need users to be able to read the contents page of magazines...but I don't want larger than needed image sizes).

*Store my shipping preferences. When listing, I only want to have to input the weight of the package. From my presets, it will select the methods I offer for that weight... it should just recognize that with a certain weight, I offer certain services.

*TERMS: I need one area on each listing, no matter how many, that can dynamically change if there is a correction/addition. I just put them up on my About Me page and want to tell bidders that their bid constitutes acceptance of those terms. It concerns me though, as I want them to be right on the auction itself (where they should be).

*Profit tracking: When listing, I want to input that particular auction item's cost and packaging. When it sells, it calculates my eBay AND PayPal fees and shows me my profit. It needs to also tell me how long the item sat in my store before selling, so I know which items sell quickly and those which don't. I need the system to alert me to things which probably should be trashed.

*automatic price reduction: (for example), I'll start an item at $5 in the store. If after 30 days it doesn't sell, lower the price 10%, and keep this up...but don't lower to less than $2. If it reaches $2, or has been relisted X times, the system should alert me. Then I know to deal with that item and never try to sell it again! I don't want to have to deal with GTC unless l can tell it to lower the price automatically, and not relist more than X amount of times and tell it to END the listing when a GTC item sells and has no remaining inventory.

*Pictures: Once an item sells, I'd like to have the option to tell the system to delete the picture(s) if I want it to. I can't take the time to go back through old pictures to decide what to delete. It's not a matter of unlimited image space.

I don't want software which I'll outgrow in 5 months and Idon't want one that is way too much for me right now. I just need a step or two at least above inkFrog (my current software)

Some of the options I've been looking at (but don't know much about pricing/applicability to my needs):

EZlister, Meridian, Laris, Hungrygopher, AuctionSound

Others I've heard of but don't know enough about: AuctionBlox, AuctionWizard2000, ShootingStar, MarketBlast

These sound fantastic, but too expensive right now:
eSellerPro, Channel Merchant

I thank you all for at least reading this post. Responses, however long or short, are appreciated! Feel free to email me directly, and we can either talk on the phone or email outside of the forum. You can find me at dreamland_productions on eBay.
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Re: Desperate for new online management software
4 Jun 2007
You should also include Infopia on the list of companies to check out. They can do most of what you are asking for, if not all.

Dynamic terms areas in the templates are a breeze (mine update across 15+ different templates I use), listing is easy, you can set up all kinds of shipping profiles (which are then simple to assign at an item level), you can track profitability through a comprehensive analytics package. Just touching on a few of the things you mentioned that I'm familiar with.

There are some things you've asked about that don't apply to my business model, so I've never tried to do them, but I bet they can be done. I've been with Infopia for several years now and I'm quite pleased with them.

I recently created two pages on my storefront with some info about why I like Infopia, and some information about the services they offer:

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat more about solution providers, my contact information is on the page linked above.

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Re: Desperate for new online management software
5 Jun 2007
A couple of things .. Why do you specify that it has to be an online application? I am just intrigued as to why a desktop application is not more suited.
AuctionSplash will not do all you need .. at the moment. I looked with great interest at your list of feature requests and it is now forming by future development plan. Great ideas and really good to get detailed requirements.

If you would like to contact me to discuss your requirements further then please do so.


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Re: Desperate for new online management software
9 Jun 2007
Hi, welcome to the site

Most of your requirements are around listing and you should be able to find a low-cost solution for your needs there. The better listers tend to be desktop-based so I think your shortlist of Auction Wizard 2000, Shooting Star/The Poster Toaster , and MarketBlast is valid. You could also add AuctionSage and SpoonFeeder to that list, and bear in mind that MarketBlast is powerful but has a steep learning curve.

AuctionBlox is something completely different - for integrating eBay sales into the osCommerce shopping cart.

The one requirement that points to the more expensive solutions you have mentioned (eSellerPro, ChannelAdvisor Merchant) is automatic price reduction. That is a fairly sophisticated feature and you are unlikely to find it in the lower-end products.

I think you may want to think carefully about your 500 per month target and if you are sure it is within your reach, go for a high-end solution that will help you grow.
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Re: Desperate for new online management software
9 Jun 2007
Hello.. Have you tried ? We are a full service Auc Management service since 1999! The main feature we don't have that you specify here is auto deletion of images, but we have considered incorporating this feature.
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Re: Desperate for new online management software
10 Jun 2007
I'd really rather not get into all the problems that inkFrog has caused me in the last few months... Yes, many good points, but it's not capable of doing nearly everything I'm looking for, and support isn't inferring at all that things will be incorporated. So, I'll have to leave the Frog soon. I really wish Inkfrog could at least consider the things I suggest or keep its users updated on changes, etc.

So far Laris and MarketBlast seem to be the only ones that I could use for auto price reduction, but I can't quite afford Laris yet and I'm waiting for a direct response from Marketblast. So many of the other companies never even responded to my inquiries. Amazing! Don't know how they intend to get customers if they can't reply.

Any other input is so welcome!

Thanks everyone and good luck!
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Re: Desperate for new online management software
10 Jun 2007
What are the costs for Laris?
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Re: Desperate for new online management software
11 Jun 2007
Marketworks has auto-price reduction as well.
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Re: Desperate for new online management software
16 Jun 2007
I am almost done integrating my retail store POS, online store and auction management (Infopia), shipping manager (ShipWorks), and QBooks financial cohesively together without paying a fortune.

I would like to know anyone has done the same thing so we could exchange ideas on the best way to get this all things moving together cheaply.

I have always wanted CORESense (auctions, website, retail POS, email, etc), but the $20000 implementation fees are a bit much along with the monthly fee. They even say the prime users are selling 1.5 million+ (not me). And because it is so all-encompassing, there isn't a way to see it work together until after the implementation. They do have good video tutorials, but that isn't the same as using it with my own inventory and auction listings, etc.


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