Stay Away from Vendio Dont give them a Credit Card

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Stay Away from Vendio Dont give them a Credit Card
31 May 2007
Vendio REVIEW (Please Read)
Hope I can keep some people from making the same mistake I did. After signing up for what appeared to be everything I was looking for the price of about $25 monthly my bank was charged. 3X's the amount expected. They said it was because they needed to charge for 2 months after my 14 day trial was up and it would be adjusted and reflect on the next bill with more details and credits. My new bill came and was double what my first one was. All along using the most difficult and dis-functional tools I have ever experienced. Customer service for technical issues would never reply, billing would not even reply until mentioning that I would consider filing a dispute unless I get some sort of credit and in turn they closed my account, denying they should be responsible for any issues I have.

I didn't use the site for much more than the initial 14 day trial and then once I began to implement the tools the nightmare began. The search function in emails did not work, lost all my customer records from emails since they auto delete after reading them, even if you try to forward them to a folder you create they are gone. You had better print the email before closing it or it will be lost. (Multiple NEGATIVE FB's from ebay because of this) Using the search function and selecting all folders and archived, it would not even find the word "eBay" After a couple weeks of that I was done. Had to change the email address and stop using the site for my business. I should also like to point out that the Vendio company charges for outgoing emails as well.

I paid for advertising with Shopzilla. Pay per clicks started running without my knowledge even though I never completed the set up. Shopzilla had told me that Vendio set it to start running automatically. How does Vendio decide when to launch my advertising campaign for me?? The money I had prepaid for.. this was gone before I even listed the items. Be careful clicking on any links from Vendio to other companies.

Trying to get through to someone for tech issues never worked and I ran into the same problems with billing when they would charge my card. The only number available to call was that on my bank statement and get this, the first time it was an answering machine, not a computerized voice mail system.... a machine with a long beep and no one available.

I learned that you need to pay for customer service with them. They have a whole other package for you if you would like help resolving your issues. For customer service solutions that will be free with most companies you can get here for a price. Check out the fees: 1 Month plan Personal Assistance Plan is $5.95 and you can talk to them 2 times by live chat or possibly phone. The Plus plan is $15.95 for 1 month and includes 5 instances by chat or phone. For each of these plans, each additional time you chat with them is $5.95

When you look , if you can find their hours of business, GET THIS! 9:00 to 4:59 PM PST I wish I would have seen that before signing up since I then would have known they are not there for the customer since they will be leaving 1 minute earlier than the US. standard 9-5 PM.

If anyone else has had similar problems like this with Vendio do not hesitate to let others know. The last thing we all need is another solution provider for small business that takes advantage of the growing market and your bank account by charging an unadvertised fee every time you move your mouse on their website.

During my last communication, I was told that they had my information mixed up in their billing system with my Free Auctiva account. WHAT? Now I'm curious about the privacy policy between Auctiva and Vendio. They even rattled off my personal information including my old home address and phone number without confirming anything more than my name. Beware!

They said they would call back and never did.

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