Tradebox - accountancy module for eBay sellers - v2.2

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Tradebox - accountancy module for eBay sellers - v2.2
6 Jul 2007
A unique bookkeeping/accountancy ‘plug-in’ module for eBay sellers, Tradebox is the perfect tool for eBay traders wishing to impose financial control over their trading activities. By continuously consulting with our customers we aim to provide the user with the features that make a difference. The recent launch of Version 2.2 included the highlighted updates:

Download completed sales from multiple eBay accounts
Create customer record for each buyer
Create invoices/orders for each transaction
Create sales receipt in bank module upon invoice update
Download eBay fees
Download PayPal fees NEW
Provide stock control (if required)
Calculate and compile VAT liability for UK, EU and ROW sales
Allocate sales to separate nominal codes for UK, EU and ROW NEW
Combine multiple purchases as single invoice
Compatible with TL2, SMP and FX for product mapping NEW
'At a glance' Trading Dashboard
Sales analysis, graphs and reports
Integrates with MS Outlook and Excel
Export customisable CSV files
eBay RSS newsfeed

For more information on Tradebox, visit the product website;
Accounts integration for online retailers

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