Need a multi-user platform

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Need a multi-user platform
26 Jul 2007
Oh boy, here I go again! I have another headache Just read through all the reviews yet again because I am about to begin listing hard again on eBay, this time with a partner (in another location - although both U.S.)

I am trying to figure out what would be the best solution for us as far a listing and management program for ebay listings. We will be selling a wide variety of items (probably not that many duplicate items, although a few I am sure). Of course, we will be working at 2 different locations and I was thinking maybe a desktop program would work but then probably not as it could get conflicting information should we both be using it at the same time. I dont know.

We previously used Vendio but boy, I just am not very happy with them. Not only do I dislike paying them for hosting photos, they take a percentage of the sale and a set listing fee just as if they were ebay! Then you also have paypal taking their chunk, then dont forget ebay! yikes, anyway it seemed like alot to give out. So maybe if someone knows of a good, reliable service that charges a flat monthly rate and would allow a couple users to list and manage auctions (sometimes maybe even at the same time) I would be most appreciative of any feedback you care to give.

Thanks all!
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Re: Need a multi-user platform
30 Jul 2007
Hi ps1914,

AuctionSound is a web based tool that will allow you to use multiple locations, has free unlimited image hosting, and a flat monthly fee based on volume. As we meet the requirements you are looking for I would like to offer you a free demo of our software and to discuss your needs further.
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Re: Need a multi-user platform
6 Aug 2007
Sell Center's Laris software will meet your requirements and more. I'm not sure what volume you are projecting, but our standard client does between 500-1000 listings on eBay per month.

You'll find that Sell Center will be there not only to provide a great software package to manage inventory, listings, orders, shipping, and much more -- we'll actually pair you with an e-commerce specialist to help you improve your business.

Why are we so good at this? Our account reps are seasoned e-com sellers on venues like eBay, Amazon, overstock, e-com websites, shopping comparison sites, and more. Check out our Laris Website

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Re: Need a multi-user platform
14 Aug 2007
Hi ps1914,

Desktop programs can work for multiple locations if they connect to a central server rather than storing data locally. You get the advantage of high responsiveness and good integration with peripherals. Web-based solutions should work for multiple locations easily, but it's still best if they are specifically built to handle multiple users.

As you are selling lots of unique items I would look at the specialist consignment management applications.

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