Midprofile for eBay -- New App for Mobile Device Listings

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Midprofile for eBay -- New App for Mobile Device Listings
3 Aug 2007
Great site! This is our first posting. We've just announced our new eBay Compatible Application. Midprofile for eBay lets you create eBay listings with multiple photos on a cell phone or PDA and send them live to eBay. You can find Midprofile for eBay (so far) on the English-speaking eBay Solutions Directories in both Wireless and Listing Management.


Midprofile Corporation Announces New Mobile Wireless Application for eBay Users to Create Live eBay Item Listings

Midprofile for eBay Third-Party Solution Enables Sellers to Create New Online Item Listings, Capture Photos, and Monitor Items Remotely via Mobile Devices

ESSEX, MA--(Marketwire - August 3, 2007) - Midprofile Corporation today announced its eBay Compatible Application, Midprofile for eBay. The software enables eBay users to create and submit live listings in all selling formats directly from mobile phones or PDAs. In a single data transmission, the new listing appears on eBay in seconds with all essential transaction details, images, text formatting, presentation and promotional features in place. The seller can monitor the new listing details and bidding status from the mobile device. The content and visual components of Midprofile for eBay listings are indistinguishable from conventional PC submittals. Midprofile for eBay provides immediate access to eBay online any time in any place with wireless Internet coverage. The application is fully functional even out of cell range so sellers can edit and save listings in progress for later transmission.

The photo and design features offer unprecedented functionality. Using the mobile device camera an eBay seller can capture or import multiple photos that are automatically integrated with the item description. The software also works for mobile devices without cameras or for use with scanned images, video, or other photo preferences.

Midprofile for eBay runs on an extensive range of Java-enabled mobile phones and PDAs. The compact user interface is streamlined for the limited screen sizes of mobile handsets and requires no mini-browser. Sellers can search for suggested item categories and enter dynamic transaction data and descriptions for Auction-style, Fixed Price, Store Inventory and Classified Ad listings. The application design is structured to keep pace with eBay's emerging Finding technology refinements.

Chief Technology Officer Matt Luker explains why Midprofile's tier-based architecture is ideal for the e-commerce expansion into the wireless ecosystem. "Our profile-based technology transforms a mobile device into a virtual eBay selling environment. Users get the versatility and convenience of the portable mobile platform without sacrificing the reliability and safeguards that eBay transactions demand."

Midprofile Corporation is located near Boston and specializes in wireless solutions related to SOA web services and database connectivity. Their expertise is in mobile device software development with robust yet light footprint connectivity to web service-oriented architectures.

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