Rude and Dishonest Ebay Seller

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Rude and Dishonest Ebay Seller
4 Aug 2007
I am posting to warn everyone about seller/buyer sellin4alivin41. We had problems with them just like many others have had. They win your auction and then start harrassing you about your shipping fees. They say they will have the package weighted at their post office to determine the real shipping fees and say they will report you to eBay. They get your contact information from ebay and call your home phone number repeatedly harrassing you. They then leave you negative feedback and report you top paypal as item not as stated. They further tell paypal that you the seller, said that you know people at paypal and that paypal will not rule against you. This person is a liar and a cheat. Look at how many negative feedback they have recieved and how many they mutually withdrawn. After over 300 perfect feedback, this wacko left me a negative and totally lied about everything. Paypal did rule in my favor, and now he sent me a offer to mutually withdraw our negatives. But i refused, I want everyone to see what a jerk he really is. Please tell all your friends to block them from bidding on your items or you will surely regret it. And if their is any vigilantes out there who dont mind negative feedback. Bid on his items and leave him negative. Please be warned!

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