What would be better: Kyozou or Auctiva?

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What would be better: Kyozou or Auctiva?
19 Aug 2007
Hey.... Well I wouldn't say im very troubled but I can't choose between 2 eBay Solution sites one is Kyozou and the other is Auctiva... I like both, but I like Kyozou because the way their templates organize the information about a product, I also like the Kyozou's checkout feature, the buyer must log in into a secure website to buy pay for you item (checkout) and I like how they have many options for payment on the other side Auctiva is free. But does not have the organized template feature but does have a checkout website but its still being updated... Im planning to start an eBay business that has a large variety of the latest video game technology (ex: PS3 games, Wii games, Xbox 360 games and consoles), Kyozou seems ideal for the tech based business, because before listing an item Kyozou organizes the items your going to list between electronics and other Classification Categories... I know there has been a lot of negative feedback for Kyozou but it seems they have been updating their features recently for example the shipping calculator for FedEx, and now you can Accept Google Checkout as a payment option for your buyers, would anyone have an idea of how much Kyozou costs? And Which one is better Kyozou or Auctiva (Im a member of both of those sites).


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Re: What would be better?
3 Sep 2007
Well, Auctiva is free and Kyozou is not, so you can't really compare them directly - you will get a lot more from Kyozou than Auctiva.

If you like Kyozou you could also look at Laris which runs on the Kyozou platform but is aimed at smaller businesses (confusing, I know).
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Re: What would be better: Kyozou or Auctiva?
4 Sep 2007
Thanks for the mention, Andy.

Kyozou (and subsequently Laris) is a much more advanced system than Auctiva in terms of management and automation.

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