AuctionSound Bugs????

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AuctionSound Bugs????
5 Sep 2007
I work at an eBay consignment company that does about 30-50 listings per day. We are using AuctionSound. I was wondering if any one else is having formatting problems (ie. spacing, dividing lines jumping to other places, entire listings changing font when going to preview, etc....). I was a lister for this company now I spend my entire day fixing formatting problems. My manager has contacted them several times about this and they say it is user error. I went to college for web development so I know something about HTML and I know tags don't move or change by themselves or just appear out of nowhere. So I would like to know if any one else is having this problem or have heard of anything like this about this company. If it is our error then we need to find out how to fix it or just change companies because auctionsound is not providing us with any solutions.
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Re: AuctionSound Bugs????
6 Sep 2007

My name is Brett Hogue and I work for AuctionSound. First of all let me apologize for any problems you may be encountering. I do not work in support or development but I do work with the software daily and would be happy to help you in any way I can. We have hundreds of clients leveraging AuctionSound producing thousands of eBay listings daily and none of them are reporting this issue. I would gladly set up an online meeting and go through the building of a listing with you to try to troubleshoot your error.
Please contact me at 866-881-3229 to schedule a time to troubleshoot your problem. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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