ChannelAdvisor Announces Acquisition of Marketworks

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ChannelAdvisor Announces Acquisition of Marketworks
12 Sep 2007
Got this in an email today:

I am excited to announce today that ChannelAdvisor has acquired Marketworks. The combination of our two companies cements ChannelAdvisor's leadership position in the marketplace e-commerce channel.

The combined companies have over 5,500 customers and $2.5 billion in annualized GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) on a global basis, as well as operating offices in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Seattle, Washington; Bacharach and Berlin, Germany; London, England; Melbourne, Australia and now Atlanta, Georgia.

Over the years, our two companies have competed on many levels, and ChannelAdvisor has always respected the Marketworks team and products; we're excited to welcome them into the ChannelAdvisor family.

ChannelAdvisor will continue to support Marketworks' customers and invest in its products.

To learn more about the announcement please visit

Best wishes,

Scot Wingo
President and CEO
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Re: ChannelAdvisor Announces Acquisition of Marketworks
12 Sep 2007
Wow! That's big big news. Thanks for posting it here so quickly.

Here is the official CA press release.

The version on Marketworks' site is identical, and unsurprisingly its announced BIG on both home pages.

No detail yet on what the customer impact will be, but I would guess that the CA platform will replace Marketworks' (it doesn't make business sense to have two different platforms).

I will be interested to see what happens to the small-seller solution ChannelAdvisor Pro which has for a long time been downplayed by CA - to the extent that there is no clue it exists on the main site.

Marketworks does appeal to small sellers (fees start at $29.95 per month) so perhaps it could replace CA Pro for small sellers while ChannelAdvisor Merchant (aka Complete) continues to be CA's flagship package for large sellers.

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Re: ChannelAdvisor Announces Acquisition of Marketworks
14 Sep 2007
CA pro is basically done. They basically want to separate the occasional sellers from the real serious businesses.

Both platforms are going to remain for quite awhile at least-especially since the holidays are coming up. I imagine it will be a year, if ever, that the Marketworks platform goes away.

This was such a shock that no employees except those high up in the company knew it going to happen. So, I would look for something to happen in the next month explaining what their strategy is going to be as far as customer service, etc. CA has not been aggressive about converting Marketworks customers over to CA, but I know they'd like that to happen.
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Re: ChannelAdvisor Announces Acquisition of Marketworks
15 Sep 2007
There is an AuctionBytes' piece on this:

AuctionBytes wrote:

ChannelAdvisor will keep over half of the Marketworks staff in areas such as technology, brand services and customer service. Marketworks CEO Doug Hadaway and others on the management team will stay only a few weeks to help during the business integration.


As far as marketing, Wingo said, "We've got to figure out the branding. We'll have Merchant and Marketworks. We may keep those names, we may choose to rebrand to make it clear. But (Marketworks) will be a product offering of ChannelAdvisor rather than a separate company."

ChannelAdvisor will be positioned as the higher end platform with more multi-channel options. The company will integrate Marketworks' Professional Web Store (PWS) with ChannelAdvisor. Marketworks customers wanting to use ChannelAdvisor's comparison engine and search advisor services will have to use either Marketworks PWS or port over to the ChannelAdvisor platform.
I agree that there probably won't be any big changes until next year. That quote suggests to me a low-end Marketworks, and high-end ChannelAdvisor.
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Re: ChannelAdvisor Announces Acquisition of Marketworks
4 Oct 2007
We have been a MW user in the UK for over 3 years. Right now we are very close to a go live with their PWS. The PWS is very weak by the way, I do believe that they have great plans for improvement, But if I were you, right now, DO NOT touch it !

In the UK all support has simply vanished as part of the merger and I cannot get any idea of plans for the future from ChannelAdvisor. Does anybody know what this merger means for us MW users and is it worth the constant battling and sleepless nights (we now have to use PWS USA support, which conveniently work while the UK sleeps and vice versa) to get our PWS live?

The MW software is core to our business and the PWS has been in our plans for changing our operations and the structure of our business for the last 8 months.

So, Mr Wingo, if you read this, tell your staff to get their arse into gear over here !!! And over there come to think of it. Your customer service thus far, well, there is none !!

Really fed up in the UK
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Re: ChannelAdvisor Announces Acquisition of Marketworks
5 Oct 2007
Hi quatropi,

Firstly, let me apologise for the obvious frustration you are feeling right now. It's clear that your experiences over the last 2-3 weeks have not lived up to expectations. Let me explain what we are already doing to fix this.

You are correct that PWS support is currently being handled by our experienced PWS team in the US. This is a very short term solution to ensure we use the extra resources we have available in the US busines to help our UK PWS clients get live as soon as possible. It's our priority to make sure you are live and have plenty of time to get used to the system in expectation of a bumper Christmas selling season.

In parallel to this we are currently midway through training a team of soon-to-be-PWS-experts here in the UK and hope to have the first of them online to begin local support of PWS implementations by mid next week. We recognise that this local support is key to the success of our UK-based PWS clients.

At the end of the day, however, it is our responsibility as new owners of the Marketworks business to ensure all UK clients, new and old, are happy with the service they are receiving. And, most importantly, we also want you to know that we are absolutely committed to your future business success on the MW and PWS platform. Obviously we dropped the ball on this particular occassion and I hope we can restore your confidence without further delay.

I've sent you an email with my contact details - but feel free to call me or email me at any time to discuss further - 0208 439 9581 or

Best regards,

James Scott
Managing Director, ChannelAdvisor UK
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Re: ChannelAdvisor Announces Acquisition of Marketworks
26 Feb 2008
Just in case anyone missed it, ChannelAdvisor has now rationalised its product line.

Marketworks has become MarketplaceAdvisor, and is the starter solution.

ChannelAdvisor Merchant has become MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, and is the solution for bigger sellers.

ChannelAdvisor Pro is to close down.

That makes sense to me. The new names are a bit of a mouthful though

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