Can any of these packages hold a candle to CA Merchant?

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Can any of these packages hold a candle to CA Merchant?
13 Sep 2007
Seriously, it looks grim for all these packages. I was really sold on eseller pro working with Oscommerce and all, but there company doesn't list pricing and I heard they only work with titanium power sellers (that can't be too large of a market). If that's their attitude I'll just hire a team to program something myself. So really there is just one complete all around solution without any holes? That's pretty sad really. Im looking for a complete solution that works for all the Shopping engines and third party sites as well as eBay for front and back end work. And it looks like CA is the only solution... depressing!

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Re: Can any of these packages hold a candle to CA Merchant?
1 Oct 2007
CA's acquisition of Marketworks has left a bit of a hole at the top of the auction management market.

eSellerPro are a growing UK company so I think they are just trying to expand to the US at a moderate pace, without overextending themselves.

Other companies with solutions for large eBay sellers are: Infopia, Zoovy and Kyozou.

At this end of the market there is also crossover with eCommerce packages (which are primarily for running your own web store, but often have some integration with eBay).

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