I need Inventory Management Plus Consignment

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I need Inventory Management Plus Consignment
14 Sep 2007
Hi All,

My business plan calls for selling overstock and liquidating inventory for small to medium sized companies. I will not be buying the products outright but will concentrate more on an asset recovery model.
I need a software platform that will manage my unique (mostly) auctions and track sales by item and client. A feature that will generate a payables sheet would be nice. I guess a consignment type tool with the ability to manage my inventory and client list is what I am looking for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: I need Inventory Management Plus Consignment
17 Sep 2007

AuctionSound can handle your needs easily. We can track each of your clients and their items individually. You will be able to view each business and their inventory items and generate a report on total volume.
Instead of just listing payables, you will be able to print their checks through the software, saving time and money. Give me a call at 866.881.3229 and I will set up a demo for you.
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Re: I need Inventory Management Plus Consignment
18 Sep 2007
Hi invmover,

Take a look at the other consignment specialist tools too.

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